Michael C. Lewis

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Welcome to the official website of Trumpeter/Vocalist Michael C. Lewis. We hope that you enjoy our new website. The Michael C. Lewis Fan Club can now be accessed here. Join our Fan Community for Special Benefits.

SIlent Night Christmas Single

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Here is my version of the classic Silent Night. I hope you enjoy it. I have also included my original Christmas song Merry Christmas.
[ti_audio name=”Silent Night Holiday Single”]

Intimate Journey campaign ends this week!

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Well my friends, It has been a fun and exciting journey. The crowd funding campaign for “Intimate Journey” will end this Friday. I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have made an exchange with me. Words can’t express how much it means to me. I know that each one of you has financial responsibilities in your lives. The fact that you placed a value on my music is not taken for granted. If you have not had a chance to participate in the campaign you have until this Friday, August 31 to become a part of this awesome team of supporters. So please go to the Intimate Journey  page and choose your level of support and the corresponding gift. This is an opportunity to become a permanent part of the team that made “Intimate Journey” happen. It will be my great pleasure to list your name in the liner notes to acknowledge your vital contribution. So if any of you have been planning to get involved this is your time! This will be the last appeal! Thank you all for your support and patience. Thank you to those of you who support me but will not be able to participate in this campaign. I value your positive thoughts and prayers. I am looking forward to finishing “Intimate Journey” and sharing it with the world. Together we will make it happen. Be on the lookout for updates on how the music is progressing. I’m excited, focused, and eager to give you some great music. God Bless!


Michael C. Lewis

Intimate Journey Campaign Ends August 31

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My friends the Intimate Journey crowd funding campaign will be drawing to a close on August 31. I want to thank those of you who have made a contribution to the campaign. It really means a lot to me. There are still a couple of more weeks left for those of you who would like to make a contribution. In September I will start to build a team to help me bring you the best musical experience that I can. I am very excited to move on to the next phase. I am ready to immerse myself in the creative process. I have spent a little time away from the songs so that I can come back to them with fresh ears. I am also eager to see what other musicians and engineers can add to the music. We are all called to do something great but no one can do it alone. Your contributions will help me compensate the wonderful artists that I desire to work with me on this intimate musical journey. For those of you have made a contribution thank you for your patience. I will keep you updated on how things are progressing and when the project will be completed. I plan to work diligently to bring you my best effort as soon as I can. I am gearing my focus to move into artist mode now. It is great that so many of you are eagerly anticipating Intimate Journey. Please take pride in the fact that you are an important part of the process. My gift is not for myself it is for you. So thank you once again for your support, and if you have not made a contribution yet and plan to, please go to the Intimate Journey page and make your pledge. You can choose one of our levels of support and the corresponding gift or choose any amount that you like. If you never purchased my first CD Reflection you can purchase it as a way of supporting the new project as well. My friends, thank you again for your time and support. Keep your jazz soulful and your soul jazzy! God Bless!

My Providence Experience

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Michael C Lewis Soul Jazz Experience in Providence

I want to thank all of my great friends in Providence, Rhode Island for their support and love during  my time there in July. I had the pleasure of working with RPM Voices Rhode Island as a guest artist, band conductor and arranger. I spent a full week there that culminated in a wonderful performance at their annual Gospel Brunch on July 9! I want to thank my good friends Dr. Clarice Laverne Thompson and Shaunne Thomas for inviting me to participate again this year. I went back to Providence on July 14 to be a headliner at The Sound Session Festival. The Festival was great and the crowd and atmosphere was electric. I used a local rhythm section which included Paul Williams-guitar, Paul Bouley-piano, Ken Carpenter-drums, and Erick Cifuentes-drums. They did an incredible job and I look forward to working with them again in the Providence – Boston area in the near future. Now it’s time to recharge myself spiritually and physically. I will run the Intimate Journey Campaign through August 31, so if you have not made your pledge please do so today. It’s going to be a great project and you get a chance to be a major part of it. Starting in September I want to focus on completing the project and getting the latest Soul Jazz stylings in your hands! I am very excited about things right now. Your support and appreciation of my music and performances have me brimming with confidence. You are making it happen. Together we are going to have an impact on music and culture! Let’s continue to enjoy the Intimate Journey!  God Bless!

Playing with War and other thoughts

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Michael relaxinI have recently expanded my musical activities to include working with the classic funk band War.  I am playing trumpet and singing lead on classic War hits “Low Rider” and  “All Day Music.” It is so much fun to play all time classic such as “The World Is  A Ghetto,” “Slippin’ Into Darkness,” “Why Can’t we Be Friends,” and “Cisco Kid.” I really like the diversity in the music. War has a lot of fans all around the world and I am honored to be able to help keep the legacy and the music alive.

This association falls right in line with my personal approach to blending my jazz stylings with classic soul and funk. I believe that music can bring people together across cultural boundaries and generational boundaries. I am looking for that universal musical vibration. I believe it was reached on “Reflection.” It really comes down to being honest and letting everything that has impacted me flow through me effortlessly. That includes musical, spiritual, and social impacts. We live in an incredible time right now. People are searching for answers to serious issues that they are confronted with on a daily basis. Music and art has always played an important role in peoples lives in times like these. Today is no different.

I thinks that is is significant that the industry has shifted in a way that affords independent artists like myself to get our music to the marketplace. Of course the major labels have an advantage in terms of financial resources which allows them to effectively promote and brand their artists. Today, however you the listening and buying public have the opportunity to choose what you want to hear in a way that you have not had in the past.

I for one thank you for the support that I have received from you. It is inspiring and I do not and will not take your support for granted. I am currently working on new music for future releases. I am listening to my heart and checking out the times. I honing my craft. I am remembering that jazz is the teacher, and funk is the preacher. I am listening to you as well. So please stay in touch. You input in invaluable. That’s all for now.  Peace.

Michael C. Lewis (MCL)

Michael C. Lewis – In Concert

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Michael C. Lewis performs music from his Reflection CD as well as some soul-jazz classics. Excerpts from live performances in New York City at The Freedom Center and Uptown Grand. The band includes Michael on Trpt, Flugal Horn, and Vocals, Billy “Spaceman” Patterson – Guitar and Vocals, James Preston – Piano, Danon Johnson – Bass, and Jermaine McQueen – Drums.

Reflection Radio Airplay

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I would like to thank all of the stations that are playing Reflection. Check out the list below to see who is playing us in your area. Thank you for your support!

Here is the Smooth Jazz airplay on Reflection:

GrooveJazzMusic.com Internet chart: DEBUT 27*

See link: http://www.groovejazzmusic.com/index.html

SmoothIndieStar.com chart:   DEBUT 50* (re-entry); 83 spins

See link:  http://www.smoothindiestar.com/chart/

Monitored airplay:

WDLT/Mobile, AL (Jazz show on Urban A/C station)

KORL/Honolulu, HI (New music feature)

WLXC/Columbia, SC (Jazz show on Urban A/C station)

KQXT/San Antonio, TX (Jazz show on A/C station)

WEIB/Springfield, MA

KUDL/Kansas City, MO (Jazz show on A/C station)

WVAZ/Chicago, IL (“Night Fall”) (Saturday night “Steppers” show)

KXPT/Las Vegas, NV (Jazz show on Classic Hits station)

Billboard Indicator:

WVAS/Montgomery, AL

WVSU/Birmingham, AL

Music Choice/Satellite and Cable TV

DMX Cable Radio/”Jazz Vocal Blend” channel http://www.dmx.com/about/our-clients

KUAP/Little Rock, AR

SmoothJazz.com airplay:

KUWS/Superior, WI


WCWA/Toledo, OH and Internet (“The Mike Scott Jazz Show”)


WMCS/Milwaukee, WI



BostonPete.com/Internet (“The Jazz Corner”)

TM Studios/’Hit Disc’ sampler used for retail (WalMart, Kroger) in store airplay, armed forces radio, etc.

WFSK/Nashville, TN

WQOX/Memphis, TN

WWSP/Stevens Point, WI





KPVU/Houston, TX

KUNV/Las Vegas, NV

KEDM/Monroe, LA

WCNI/New London, CT




WBZC/Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia)

WVOF/Bridgeport, CT (“Upper Room With Joe Kelly” show)

WCHG/Hot Springs, VA


WQTQ/Hartford, CT

WFSS/Fayetteville, NC

WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC

KCOZ/Springfield, MO


WMWM/Salem, MA


WHCR/Harlem, NY (www.HarlemAfterMidnite.com)

WGIV/Charlotte, NC

KOKY/Little Rock, AR

WZZA/Muscle Shoals, AL

Jazz – the Radio Show/Nassau, Bahamas

WRTC/Hartford, CT

WVST/Richmond, VA

Jazz Radio Berlin/Germany and Internet (www.JazzRadio.net)


WSGE/Charlotte, NC

KCCK/Cedar Rapids, IA

Smooth Grooves Radio/U.K.


KIHT/St Louis, MO (HD-3 channel)



KTSU/Houston, TX

KUDL/Kansas City, MO (Jazz show on A/C station)

WTCC/Springfield, MA

WQQQ/Sharon, CT (CT, NY, MA)

WVOD/Nags Head, NC

WJAB/Huntsville, AL

KUR/Reading, PA