Playing with War and other thoughts

Michael relaxinI have recently expanded my musical activities to include working with the classic funk band War.  I am playing trumpet and singing lead on classic War hits “Low Rider” and  “All Day Music.” It is so much fun to play all time classic such as “The World Is  A Ghetto,” “Slippin’ Into Darkness,” “Why Can’t we Be Friends,” and “Cisco Kid.” I really like the diversity in the music. War has a lot of fans all around the world and I am honored to be able to help keep the legacy and the music alive.

This association falls right in line with my personal approach to blending my jazz stylings with classic soul and funk. I believe that music can bring people together across cultural boundaries and generational boundaries. I am looking for that universal musical vibration. I believe it was reached on “Reflection.” It really comes down to being honest and letting everything that has impacted me flow through me effortlessly. That includes musical, spiritual, and social impacts. We live in an incredible time right now. People are searching for answers to serious issues that they are confronted with on a daily basis. Music and art has always played an important role in peoples lives in times like these. Today is no different.

I thinks that is is significant that the industry has shifted in a way that affords independent artists like myself to get our music to the marketplace. Of course the major labels have an advantage in terms of financial resources which allows them to effectively promote and brand their artists. Today, however you the listening and buying public have the opportunity to choose what you want to hear in a way that you have not had in the past.

I for one thank you for the support that I have received from you. It is inspiring and I do not and will not take your support for granted. I am currently working on new music for future releases. I am listening to my heart and checking out the times. I honing my craft. I am remembering that jazz is the teacher, and funk is the preacher. I am listening to you as well. So please stay in touch. You input in invaluable. That’s all for now.  Peace.

Michael C. Lewis (MCL)

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