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Michael C. Lewis: Reflection

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Welcome to the Official Michael C. Lewis website.

Welcome to the Official Michael C. Lewis website. Things are continuing to move along at a great pace! The physical CD’s are here and Intimate Journey is heading to CD Baby and all of the major outlets! You can click on the link below or go to our store page to purchase CD’s or Downloads. You can also go to our Specials page to order autographed copies direct from me. (US Only). 

Radio Stations should be receiving the CD next week and kits are being prepared to send to the press!  Things are about to get live so stay plugged in! 2018 is going to be a memorable year! God Bless!


Houston Nights

Miles To Go

Reasons feat. Walter Beasley

Reasons mute remix

















Michael C. Lewis in Concert! Available for Festivals, Concert Halls, and Clubs.

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